Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Projectile Point Types and Lithic Types

Stories Past is pleased to announce a new research module prepared for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources at

From the DHR web site:
“Projectile Point Types and Lithic Types. Using Adobe Flash, this interactive module provides information and stunning images of 44 projectile point types applicable to Virginia, and 47 lithic types from Virginia and surrounding states. The point types may be sorted by time period and general shape. A timeline chart further enhances the ability to envision point relationships. The lithics may be sorted by type of stone or by general location. A Google map presents the lithic-type locations. Reference and publication sections are included in the module.”
Stories Past president Mark Freeman stated “The project gave us a change to explore Google maps, which have huge potential. Using easily updateable XML files we were also able to provide a Flash version and text version, compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

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